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  1. London City Trailer is a simple cargo trailer for people who choose cycling instead of driving. 

    Cycling is widely recognized as the most sustainable form of transport in a modern city. It’s reduces congestion, noise levels and pollution, and it’s cheap. Until now, however, cycling has been a convenient means of transport for commuters, but incompatible for the transportation of heavy and bulky goods such as shopping or luggage and more.  In fact, according to Cyclelogistics Foundation’s report, goods are often transported over very short distances by heavy vehicles, and almost 100% of goods are still transported within cities by motorised vehicles, ranging from personal cars to commercial lorries. It is estimated that on average 51% of all motorised trips in European cities that involve the transport of goods could be shifted to bicycles or cargo bikes, which would reduce vehicle traffic and have an enormous impact on the quality of life. Statistics say that half of all trips in urban areas are shorter than 5km and therefore could be easily done by bike. 

    However, the high cost of investment of bike trailer systems and a lack of storage space mean there is still quite a low uptake of this way of carrying groceries, luggage or other types of goods. London City Trailer can be collected and deposited at any London bike-sharing system points and works both with rented bikes as well as with privately owned ones.